As the 2013 wedding season approaches, I’ve decided to focus on helping others in the daunting process of preparing for your wedding. Today, this means predicting the best groomsmen gift trends for the 2013 wedding season. If you’ve ever been in a wedding you probably understand why this is important. No one wants the useless random gifts that were irrelevant and last minute. In a selfless effort to help all the soon to be husbands save time and effort (and the sneering earful from your always-on-top-of-it, Type A fiancé), I’ve dedicated my year of blogging to helping you. As award season approaches, I’ve organized this year’s recipients into category leaders. I know how all you manly men out there love  discussing best dressed nominee’s, red carpet coverage, and celebrity gossip. This list might be more your scene.

Personalized Groomsmen Gifts

Most Social:

-And the award goes to: Personalized Barware.

If your friends appreciate an open bar as much as you do, give them a gift that they can put to use. This can be catered to your personal preference, anything from engraved pub sets, to bottle openers, or wine glass sets. Monogram them with your initials, wedding date, or for more functional use- put their names on them (especially if your friends need a little help  by the end of the night remembering which gift is theirs).

Most Functional:

-The winner is: Engraved Pocket Knives .

Customize a pocket tool for the perfect groomsmen gift. Providing utility, style, and coolness, a pocket knife is a well-rounded gift for your favorite guys. Depending on your price range and preference, choose from more traditional Yukon Lock Back Knives, or multifunctional Army Knife.

Most Thoughtful:

-This one goes to: Sports Fan Paraphernalia.

Show your guys you know them by giving them a groomsmen gift that matches their favorite team. So you’re a Yankee’s fan, its ok to embrace your best man’s shameful love for the Red Sox (at least for this one occasion). Get each groomsman a beer stein, lighter, or pub sign to represent their favorite team.

Emerging Gift of the Year:

-This year’s winner is: Personalized Humidors.

The perfect set up for a future “guys’ night,” a customized humidor set can be re-used throughout your groomsmen lives. Include their name, your wedding date, or personal message to show your groomsmen how much you appreciate them. Choose from a classy cherry wood engraved humidor, or numerous uniquely designed humidors. For a complete gift, add on an engraved lighter and poker set for your future guys night in.

Most Popular

-The award goes to:

A Personalized Money Clip. Every guy could use a money clip, make it personal by engraving a special message, initials, or your wedding date. Both classy and function the leather clips or wallet / money clip combos provide a great personal touch. If you reallllllly appreciate your groomsmen, stuff the clips with some cash (could be useful for a bachelor party)!

Most Traditional:

-This year’s winner is: Engraved Cufflinks.

Dating back to the 17th century, cuff-links provide a great personal touch to dress apparel. Personalized cuff-links are the perfect touch to help your groomsmen finish off their outfits. Choose from brass cufflinks , silver, or a more unique cuff-links.

With the economy recovering, 2013 will be a big year for weddings. Organizing and planning a wedding can be stressful and time consuming. As people prepare for their special days, I hope they keep in mind the importance of a thoughtful, useful, and personalized groomsmen gift. Whether your besties are into the social setting, appreciate functionality, or have a more classy preference, Grooms Shop has the right gift for them. For more ideas on groomsmen gifts, wedding gifts, or other wedding party needs visit Their free engravings, fast shipping, and excellent customer service make them the perfect shop for your groomsmen needs.

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